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12/6/6 HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDE: Fuck Bunny recomends the Peak-a-Boo Pole Dancing Kit as the perfect holiday gift for your favorite fuck bunny! You can buy one at Boudoir Essentials (our favorite shop online!)!
6/6/6 Don't miss Hank III at the Henry Fonda theatre where JoeBuck will slap it up on Fuck Bunny bassists's virgin King Doublebass...
5/06 Amy Bunny, former guitar player, was recently spotted in her new band THE WHOREMOANS - all chick Ramones cover band. See where this is going? ..next you will hear that Ro Bunny has started a new band called the 'RO MOANS' ... stay tuned!
Fuck Bunny records a slew of new material... stay tuned for more updates!
2/06 Joy Bunny, former drummer, spotted in THE RAMONAS - All Girl Ramones Tribute Band...
SOLD OUT - Fuck Bunny sells last of merchandise! Check back later for new stuff or just shop where we shop: 8 Ball
Joe Bunny puts Fuck Bunny on hiatus when he slices open left index finger on some plastic *toy* packaging while shooting *The Joe Show* video footage in his home. Later that night he was attacked by a Vampire, lusting after his open wound -- Joe Bunny turned "Bat in My Bed" into a reality show! Air Date TBD.
James Bunny (former #1 Fuck Bunny fan) made a grand appearance back in Hollywood to reclaim his fame after a long trip down south in search of dandelion wine. Welcome back to reality JB! We missed you.
Amy Bunny, former FB guitarist, makes a rare appearance in Hollywood to jam with the band at a private backyard BBQ. Rumor's were confirmed that she's transformed into a hot BASSIST for some lucky Tennessee band - look out De Bunné!
12 HOT MAMMAS wore Fucky Bunny wife beaters for the Tulare County Motorcycle Jamboree's Wet T-shirt contest.
Checkout what Fuck Bunny's front bunny, Ro has to say: www.punknews.co.uk
Fuck Bunny song "Get Away" featured in movie "Hollywood Vampire".
alternative rock music