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Photographer: Arlan
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Looking for a way to really bring in the new millennium with a punch, founding members RoBunny and De Bunné decided to put their angst, song writing talents and sheer bravery to the test and form an (at the time) all girl, (still) all feisty punk band known to the world today as Fuck Bunny.

Though Fuck Bunny was formed in the year 2000, you can feel the rebellion of the 60s, hear the punk influences of the late 70s and taste the scandal of the 90s. Onstage they will knock you down with the force of their music and pull you back up with the visuals of their stage presence. With their sometimes outrageous, oftentimes scandalous stage attire, don’t be surprised if you get a sneak peak you weren’t expecting!

After close to 3 1/2 years with the original all girl line-up, a feat that’s hard to accomplish in L.A., Fuck bunny has flowered (or been deflowered) and grown to become the band they are today. With songs like “Meatplow” “Gossip”, “End of a Knife” and “That’s My Story” if you haven’t heard them already, you will soon be well aware of Fuck Bunny’s Story.

Fuck Bunny’s current line-up is a ménage-e-quatro of musical styles and influences. Their fan base is dedicated, hard drinking and loyal. The memory they will leave behind is unforgettable. The impact they will make on this town is undeniable.

After dating 85% of the rock-and-roll guys of Hollywood (and her subsequent commitment to an insane asylum for 2 years prior) RoBunny was released and considered cured... Little did the doctors know that her contribution to society would be through an onslaught of emotional, mental and lyrical terrors set free through the vehicle of her own band, Fuck Bunny, on the unsuspecting victims of Los Angeles. With her fearless exhibitionist streak, powerful raspy vocals, and sarcastic, scathingly erotic lyrics RoBunny gave back to the community she was spawned from (and then some!). Onstage, Robunny has given new definitions to less is more. Go and see for yourself.

And the name Fuck Bunny you ask?

“Well, wearing a tank top with Fuck Bunny on it you’re sure to gather a harem of boy toys, general perverts and occasionally some hot chicks," proclaims RoBunny.

De Bunné, a consummate computer geek, had a darker side incubating for years until the formation of Fuck Bunny allowed her to unleash her mystic musical talent. With an arsenal of songs she had written while being held captive and tormented by "aliens", and a passion for dive bar hopping, De was ready to storm L.A., with her atomic pink Daisy Rock bass guitar in hand.

Having been kicked out of a Beatles cover band in the Valley for playing too fast, Joe Bunny decided to seek out a band that was more his speed. One of Fuck Bunny's original and most enthusiastic fans, the honorary Joe Bunny shot Fuck Bunny's first music video, "Gossip". After being obliterated by almond tequila at Fuck Bunny’s debut at the 2001 Tijuana Toy Run, Joe Bunny moved from the rank of dedicated, hard drinking, loyal fan to becoming a full-fleshed Bunny. First filling in on bass, while De Bunné was out on a secret mission (code ACE), then taking over as lead guitarist after original guitar player, Amy Bunny was abducted by a clan of Elvis fanatics from Memphis, Joe Bunny found that he could not put the guitar down after experiencing the rush that is Fuck Bunny.

“Sure we do love songs, like the Beatles”, RoBunny told him, “only our lovers often get stalked and killed in ours!”

Completing the current line-up (after former drummer Joy Bunny was discovered at a local karaoke bar and sent off to the Philipines for a karaoke bar tour) is Fuck Bunny's infamous drummer known now to women everywhere as Chuy Bunny. After breaking out of a Tijuana jail for shoplifting a drum set, Chuy Bunny high-tailed it to Hollywood to join a band and meet chicks. After rockin’ out in a number of bands on the East L.A. Quinsierra circuit, where he met lots of cute 15 year old hotties, Chuy found himself in between bands and looking for trouble. After running into RoBunny at the world famous Sunset Junction fest, Chuy mentioned that he would love to drum for Fuck Bunny. RoBunny immediately informed him that Fuck Bunny was slated to headline the following year’s Sunset Junction Fest, as well as sign a record deal, appear on a movie soundtrack and start a world tour in the following months. With this grand news Chuy Bunny jumped at the chance to join. With his hard hitting style, rolling transitions, and up-tempo timing the patient Chuy became a welcome addition to the Fuck Bunny line up.

"I'm now able now able to get 21-year-old hotties who’ve just discovered The Clash", reported Chuy, "no other band gave me that opportunity!"

Currently Fuck Bunny is gearing up to record 6 more original tunes to complete their debut CD release, expected to be completed somtime in 2006. Stand by for more updates! And if you’re dying for a quick fix, catch a show or pick up a copy of the the hit movie “Hollywood Vampires” to hear them on the soundtrack.

Fuck Bunny will suck your blood, spit you out and leave you wanting more.